Case Studies


Regalis group were asked to assist in identifying whether a key board member of the clients business was leaking information and assisting to start what would have been a rival company. The investigation lasted two weeks and included every asset at our disposal in order to gain enough evidence to warrant pre-emptive legal action. As a result the board member in question relinquished all the information he had retrieved from the office and handed in his resignation with immediate effect.

The actions taken by us were:-

To deploy a mobile surveillance team to identify the subject’s daily routine.
Log all physical movements and addresses; trace all contacts that were witnessed by the team (upon request of client)
Monitor all calls and txt messages received through the company phone.
Retrieve call, text and email messages that had been intentionally deleted prior to its repossession by the company.
Track the vehicle which was supplied by the company
Provide an in depth report on all our findings including detailed log with video and photographic evidence to support.